Is Bamboo Flooring Cost Effective?

First of all, if you are shopping for a cheap flooring option and are tempted by a cheap brand of bamboo flooring, be careful.  You are most likely getting a high toxic glue content and a soft floor that will show years’ worth of damage after a few months.

Even if you go for a higher quality brand of bamboo flooring, it is still vulnerable to scratches and dents, and refinishing potential is sketchy at best.  If you want to eliminate your floor’s blemishes, you will have to replace it.  You just doubled the cost of your bamboo floor.

If that doesn’t sound like your ideal situation, then you may want to reconsider your decision to install bamboo.


Mary Cote

December 31, 2011

Thank you for your honest, clear reviews. Based on what I just read, I have decided not to install bamboo flooring.

The false hyoe had lead me to think it was the best flooring to buy.

Mary Cote

Lilly from Albuquerque

June 10, 2012

YouTube has a video about bamboo manufacturing plant in Vietnam. It looks pretty sad and somewhat unhealthy…however, going hungry is pretty unhealthy too. Ethics is a difficult topic.


June 10, 2012

The flooring sold by this company is substandard. Within 4 months there were chips and significant shrinkage from the shirting boards . Its a total waste of money. Do not buy. Such a shame as I was convinced this would be hard wearing based on all the press.

Leslie Ann Jones

August 18, 2013

I have two dogs and was talked out of hardwoods and sold on the “eco-friendly” aspects of bamboo. I wish I’d found this site 2 years ago. I installed a stranded bamboo floating floor from US Floors and it has buckled twice (the installers came and remedied it once, but it has happened again) and the scratches and dulling spots are VERY noticeable, despite my regular cleaning (as directed). I only have two dogs (no other family, and very LOW traffic because I work all the time, AND the dogs go to work with me AND I keep their nails short….) but you should be able to at least walk on your floors without untold damage.
When the floors buckled the first time, I was told that it was because the house got over 80 degrees…I live in Virginia, and had turned the a/c off on one unusually cool summer day- the ambient temperature was in the high 70s and the manufacturer told me that the house had to stay between 70-75 degrees with minimal humidity or any semblance of a warranty was voided.
I had never been told this on install, to begin with. Secondly, bamboo grows in high-humidity areas, so I expect that it should be able to handle SOME fluctuations in temperature. Besides that, it was only about 80 degrees for three days….not in the 100s for weeks, and seriously? I have to live in an air-conditioned bubble just to maintain my flooring?

I was SO excited about my bamboo floors and I’m so disappointed with what has happened. It’s only been two years of use, and I already I am considering re-doing them. If I don’t trip and fall on all the buckling pieces first….

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